Landscaping Services in Ottawa ON
Below is a brief list of services we are proud to offer!


Revamp your home by adding a stone entrance, interlock patio, stone walkway, driveway extension, and much more. The possibilities with interlock/stonework, are endless. Stone can be used to separate varying yard elevations, provide more social space poolside or in your backyard. Big or small, we do it all!


We are proud to offer carpentry construction services backed by over 10 years of experience! We proudly offer tiling, interior finishings, carpentry, demolition and removal services. Inquire below for a free estimate!

Lawn Maintenance

Weekly lawn maintenance including cutting, trimming, and pathway/driveway blowing. All visits include a site inspection to ensure your lawn is healthy and lush!

Seasonal Clean-Up

Clean up sticks, leaves, snow debris, grit, and tidy yard to prepare for the summer season. We also offer a Fall clean-up which includes leaf collection, tree pruning, shrub hibernation, and perennial winterization.

Turf Enhancements

New for 2022, we are proud to offer turf treatment services. We offer a variety of fertilizers, turf enhancers, herbicides, pesticides, and other spray-on/spreadable treatments to best enhance your lawn. We have been consistent with lawn treatment as it is integral to maintaining a healthy and lush, green lawn. The summer season can vary in temperature and rainfall, so we guarantee a spring, mid-summer, and fall turf treatment. Our Fertilizer treatment plan is broken into 3 packages to best suit your needs.

Sod Installation

Reinstate or install your new lawn using sod. Sod can be used to repair small areas of a damaged lawn, replace sunburnt patches, or reinstate your yard. Sod is a great and efficient way to instantly gratify your yard as sod is a faster alternative than seed-soil mixes, providing an ‘out-of-the-box’ green lawn. ‘Sod-lawns’ are typically healthier and have less weed intrusion, with regular hydration and periodic pesticide treatment. As per our quality assurance policy, we commit to a weekly site inspection for 2 weeks post-sod-install, to ensure your new lawn is rooting to the nutrient-rich soil.


Seasonal/available upon request aerator treatment to allow for water and air to access the grassroots, increasing nutrient availability. Aeration is best in the spring, all services include a site inspection to ensure your property is in the best condition!

Mulch Addition

Add some color and texture to your garden! Mulch acts as a soil additive that can promote water retention and temperature regulation. Mulch also acts as a ‘roof’ to naturally insulate the soil to preserve soil hydration.

Landscape Design

We are proud to offer a landscape designing service to best provide your home with what you want, and so that we can offer our professional input. As a benefit, this includes a visualization of your project and provides an animated ‘blueprint’ to best suit your needs. Our designers are well versed and can provide professional input as to how your dream can be constructed. We offer a 3-change policy so that you have the freedom to change or add elements in the 3D design prior to construction.

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